Root Canals

Root Canals

Root Canals

How did I get started with Root Canals?

When I was stationed in South Korea, Osan Air Force Base-- I had the unique opportunity to work with the Veterinarians who were overseeing the care of the Military working dogs. When the dogs would injure their teeth, they were either forced to retire, or be put down. I was able to learn how to do doggie root canals-- and truly became passionate about prolonging the life of the tooth. (click on the QR Code dinosaur to see a short video clip of my surgery)

I became intrigued by the unique shape and number of roots per tooth-- passionate about being meticulous and thorough when locating and cleaning out each canal.

After years of working on Airmen, I saw the incredible benefits of saving the original tooth-- and getting the patient out of pain from necrosis-- first with the help of my trusty loupes and then later with a powerful microscope.

The Air Force sent me to Endodontic residency, where I did extensive research on the quality of the various files on the market. I was able to present my findings at an Endodontic conference in Montreal, Quebec. After passing my written Endodontic Boards, I was just a couple months shy of completing my specialty. I requested early Honorable Discharge from the Air Force due to my mother's unexpected passing.

Today, Deeply-Rooted Dentistry uses a state of the art microscope which provides 6-20 times magnification needed to save each tooth. It is truly my passion.

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